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Lower School news

Lower Two Enjoy a Visit to the Sainsbury Centre's Sculpture Park

29 November 2021

The cold, damp weather did not stop Lower 2 pupils from enthusiastically venturing outside to explore the Sainsbury Centre’s sculpture park on Friday. 

Local artist, Genevieve Rudd, encouraged the children to inspect the sculptures from all angles and to sketch the ones they liked.  Some pupils insisted on making a longer tour of the park so they could introduce their friends to the ‘Muddy Man’ (Laurence Edwards’ Man of Stones) and the ‘Dots on Legs’ (Elisabeth Frink’s Mirage I and II) which was a glorious stomp though the autumnal setting. The children then arranged their sketches into a concertina book which they could proudly take home.

They also visited the Main Gallery to fulfill a mission to find sculptures over 3000 years old, answer questions about particular artworks and to sketch others. 

They also enjoyed a visit to the Rhythm and Geometry exhibition of constructivist art to investigate the use of colour and mathematical shapes and concepts  to create abstract art. Their natural curiosity led to original and thoughtful discussions and this inspired them to make their own abstract art, creating colourful collages with paper and stickers. 

Many thanks to Genevieve Rudd and Becca from the SCVA Learning department for a busy and inspiring day! 

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