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Lower School news

Lower Three Tudor Day!

29 September 2021

Despite our plans for a trip to Kentwell Hall having to be changed last minute, we made sure the show still went on and dressed in their Tudor costumes, pupils enjoyed a full-on Tudor Day in the Lower School!

Dressed in Tudor gear, we enjoyed a full on Tudor day at school instead. First up was a Tudor dance lesson where we learnt two dances and then had a go at making our own up. They were very impressive! Then after a short break it was off for a Mr Worton tour of Tudor Norwich. We didn’t mind that we got a bit wet along the way, because we were Tudors, and they didn’t let a bit of rain stop them! We learnt all about the Kett rebellion, and even found out that Queen Elizabeth I met the head of Norwich School. Mr Worton excelled as a tour guide, so much so that a couple of passers by listened in too.

We stopped for lunch followed by a games lesson, before watching a documentary on Tudor Norwich. All in all we had a brilliant day and learnt lots. We are now even more prepared for when we go back to Kentwell in the Spring. A big thank you to Mr Worton and his amazing knowledge of Norwich.