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Lower School news

Lower Three Perform 'A Taste of Shakespeare'

26 April 2021

Lower Three took to the stage once again this year to perform their thirty minute adaptation of three different Shakespeare plays! 

To kick off our afternoon of Shakespeare, Lower 3W portrayed the grizzly tale of Macbeth, and the audience were treated to some fantastic sword fighting scenes and some excellent (and somewhat gory) special effects!

Our second play, Romeo and Juliet, was gracefully presented by Lower 3M. We followed the emotional journey of two young lovers and their feuding families. 

Drawing the afternoon to a close was Lower 3B and their play 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. In this play, we met the mischievous fairies of the forest which caused havoc with four lovers in the night!

The children thoroughly enjoyed the rehearsals and learning all about Shakespearian language (especially the odd insults!)

Shakespeare 09.jpg
Shakespeare 07.jpg
Shakespeare 02.jpg