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Lower School news

Lower Three enjoy the Outdoors at Aylmerton Field Study Centre

12 October 2020

On the 30th September, the Lower Three pupils went to Aylmerton Field Study Centre for a day of team building and enjoying nature. As luck would have it, we enjoyed the only dry day in a three week period!

Although it was an earlier start than usual, this didn't stop the children from fully involving themselves in all the activities that were on offer. The year group was split into four groups and completed a variety of challenges.
One challenge, called 'The Spider's Web' saw children lifting each other up and through different sections of a 'rope spiders web' without touching any part of the web (and waking the spider!) Forward planning and communication were key to ensure all members of the group could safely pass through the web.
Next, the children used their keen map reading skills to find clues around the site. These clues would give instructions to help defuse a bomb! Again, team work and organisation were essential to defuse the bomb in the given time!
After a quick break, the children embarked on a third activity where they were required to cross the Lava River with only four boxes and two planks. After figuring out that they always needed one box to manoeuvre, the children were quick to get everyone to safety!

The children also took part in Bushcraft activities, where they learnt how to create a fire with a flint and steel, and also wore blindfolds on a sensory nature trail.

The trip was a fantastic way to get to know the other pupils in our year group, and a very effective way to improve our group work skills.

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