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Lower School news

Lower School Supports 'Earth Day' by Planting 1000 Trees!

06 May 2021

Despite the Lockdown restrictions this year has brought us, Norwich Lower School pupils have been determined to remember and spread the importance of being eco-conscious members of the community.

On 22nd April, the pupils were tasked with creating a poster that highlighted how they could save resources and reduce their impact on the planet as much as possible. Some of the suggestions were to use scrap paper , don’t use single-use plastic, buy local food, litter pick in your local area.

Majority set up this competition, who, in return for our Earth Day posters, planted 1000 trees in Norwich School’s name!

The trees have already been planted in Northwest Madagascar, where slash and burn practises have caused a steep reduction in forest areas. The children were very excited to see that their efforts have led to these trees being planted and enjoyed finding this on the map!

Fore more information on Majority click here.