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Lower School news

Lower School Pupils Commemorate VE Day

12 May 2020

Lower School pupils have found innovative ways to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day as part of their remote learning. 

To mark the significance of VE Day, pupils baked, sang, drew, wrote, created and celebrated to mark this significant anniversary. Some pupils baked cakes and biscuits using wartime recipes included only the ingredients available during rationing. There were cardboard cutouts of soldiers created, models made in Lego in a VE Day theme and some pupils wrote poignant poetry and letters to remember the war and the lives which were lost. 

Many pupils took part a Friend In Deed initiative, which invited children to create posters to be sent to local care homes which could be displayed as part of their VE Day celebrations and enjoyed by the older generations and staff. 

Lower School pupils were clearly very keen to be involved in the national celebrations and commemoration of VE Day, with the school community showing their inventiveness to take part whilst learning remotely. Here are just a few of their creations:

ve 12!.jpg
ve 9.jpg
VE 2.jpg
VE 3.jpg
ve 6.jpg
ve 7.jpg
ve 11.jpg
ve 10.jpg