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Lower School musicians put on a show at latest Concordia Recital

23 May 2024

Last night saw another Concordia Recital in the Lower School Hall. 

The Concordia Recitals aim to showcase pupils who are excelling in their instrumental studies and provide a platform to perform 2-3 pieces in a more formal concert setting to a specially invited intimate audience. 

Two pupils from the Lower School were selected to perform.

Reuben Wilson Violin and Otter Gibbs Peel Violoncello.

Otter Gibbs Peel was first to play and began his programme with Bernard Romberg’s Cello Sonata Op.38 in Eminor. Rombergs works are very easy on the ear, caught between Classicism and Romanticism and constructed to highlight the Cello and its star capabilities.  Otter performed with great purpose and a warm tone, with some beautiful intricate triplet passages to show some virtuosic flair.  Next was an excerpt from Vivaldi’s Cello Sonata in Aminor which gave a nice contrast from the Romberg again showing a rich tone but with some detailed sensitive articulation.  To conclude his programme, Otter performed some solo Bach with a captivating performance of the Cello Suite No.1 in G Major.  It was a perfect choice of repertoire for the Hall and the intimate audience that enjoyed every note.


Next to play was Reuben Wilson on the Violin.

He began his programme with the dazzling Presto from Valentini’s Allettamenti per camera.  This showed great attention to detail and some fine intonation whilst creating a wonderful sound and projection in the Hall. The rhythmic qualities were well matched in the piano accompaniment, and there was a terrific energy that lasted right through the whole movement.

His second piece was a wonderful contrast, Where is Love from the musical Oliver!   Reuben was able to really allow the violin to sing and created some beautiful shaped phrases and fantastic bow control together with a rich tone.

He concluded his programme with the virtuosic Petite rhapsodie hongroise by Bohm.  A real crowd pleaser and a perfect piece to round off a wonderful recital.

Head of Music, Mr Vine, said ‘What a wonderful evening of music and excellent instrumental performances.  Otter and Reuben have worked so hard in preparing their respective programmes and it was a real joy to sit back and be immersed in their music making.  A big thank you to their instrumental tutors for all their preparation and thank you to all that attended.  A truly special evening’