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Lower School news

Lower One Visits Sutton Hoo

06 July 2022

What a wonderful day Lower One enjoyed at Sutton Hoo! Having studied Anglo-Saxons in the classroom, pupils were keen to get to Sutton Hoo and explore the site and artefacts for themselves.  On arrival, pupils were met by ‘Keith’ the Saxon, who told them all about the King Raedwald and the ninety-foot ship that was buried at Sutton Hoo 1,400 years ago.  Lower One pupils were extremely lucky because they actually got to stand on the burial mound and appreciate the scale of the ship and importance of the contents within it.  

After lunch pupils became archaeologists and used trowels and paintbrushes to uncover some artefacts of their own, just like Basil Brown had done when he discovered the ship in 1939. 

 It was a fantastic trip, and pupils left with a greater understanding of the Anglo-Saxon period.