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Lower School news

Lower One Egyptian Day

06 June 2018

Lower One recently held an Ancient Egyptian Day as part of their history learning. 

They enjoyed dressing up and learning all about Egyptian life and culture. The following are some of the quotes which the children made; 

Today, I learnt about Egyptians, we did Egyptian Maths and mummified a pharaoh. 

When the pharaoh dies, you wrap the body in a cloth, then you wrap it in bandages and then you put it in a box in a tomb. 

Did you know that Egyptians used fingers and palms to measure, instead of centimetres?

We played an Egyptian board game. It was a two person game and it was a lot like Snakes and Ladders. We were all very tired at the end of the day. When we went back to the classroom, we made Egyptian name tags. 

Egyptian Day

Egyptian Day

Egyptian Day