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Lower School news

Farm to Fork at Holkham Hall

01 May 2019

Reception and Lower 1 visited Holkham Hall estate to experience first-hand the farm to fork process.

The group gained an insight into the history of the estate and looked at some traditional methods and tools used for farming through different periods of time.

The pupils then looked at all of the crops that are grown on the estate today and could see what they were used for, such as providing the centre of Maltesers. Technology has become a key part of farming. Most of the information needed to grow crops can now be sent to the site manager's phone, with updates about the weather, growing speeds and how many seeds have been planted each day.
The pupils took a ride on a tractor around the estate to see the farming fields and learn all about how the estate functions on a daily basis. A lot of hard work and organisation goes into the running of Holkham Hall and it was a pleasure to learn about this in more depth. 
The children were able to enjoy lunch together in the sun, head to the exciting adventure play area and had an opportunity to visit the gift shop. . 


Field to Fork .jpg