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Lower School news

Bee Keeping Club Learns a New Skill

26 November 2021

Personally, I never thought joining a club called Beekeeping would involve ironing art overalls, but that’s exactly what we found Mr Brook (group leader) doing when we came into the cabin. This week we were making beeswax wraps; but what did we need the iron for?

To make beeswax wraps, you need: beeswax, pine resin, oil, cloth, iron, non-stick baking paper, scissors.

First, we used the scissors to cut out the size of cloth that we wanted for our beeswax wrap. Then a careful process took place.

We laid the cloth on one sheet of baking paper. We then shook beeswax on it, sprinkled previously ground pine resin, and squirted some oil. We placed another sheet of baking paper on it, and picked up the iron. 

The purpose of the iron was to melt all the beeswax into the cloth and spread it out, so it touched every corner. We then wafted around to dry, wrapped it in tracing paper so it wouldn’t get dirty in our bags, and headed home, never even considering silver foil ever again.