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18 November 2021

Please find below statements from each of the candidates for the positions of President and Vice-President. You may only vote for one candidate for each position so choose carefully!

Voting closes at midnight on 25 November 2021. Voting instructions will be emailed to you. If we do not have an email address for you and you wish to be involved, please do contact Rachel Lightfoot with your details - 

Results will be announced by 26 November 2021 via email and on the ON pages of the school website. The new President and Vice President will assume duties from midnight.

Statements from Candidates 

 Paul Bufton (83-89) - Candidate for President 

Dear ON Friends

I look back at my time at Norwich School with genuine fondness and a sense of good fortune that I’ve been able to keep a close connection with a community that has given me so much in life. Norwich School was, and will always be, a place that defines you through the friendships you build; the wisdom passed down; and a sense of belonging. 

Like many of you, I lost contact with the school as I launched headlong into my degree and early career, but I managed to reconnect through my on-going friendship with Humphrey Bedford-Payne. Like all good lifelong friends, even if you lose touch, when you get back together, it’s as if no time has passed at all. 

Since then, I’ve greatly enjoyed reuniting with friends, making new connections with other ONs, and getting to know the current staff at the helm of today’s Norwich School. I’ve also been lucky enough to play a closer role in the ONs as a part of Matt Charlton’s advisory group. Over the last couple of years Matt has been an exemplary President with a clear vision and razor-sharp wit! He has built on the founding principles of the ONs to significantly strengthen the bond with the School and also set the community on a progressive new trajectory. 

On the theme of new connections and in the spirit of reinforcing cross-generational partnership within the ONs, I’m pleased to share with you that Hannah Talbot (ON 09-11) has agreed to stand as Vice President in this year’s elections. Since her time at Norwich School, Hannah has built an impressive career in radio production and she’s an inspiration to students both current and past. I fully endorse her candidacy and I’m confident that Hannah and I can work together to build on a strong legacy. 

As a group the ONs have so much to offer to the current student population. The Ambassador initiative has provided a uniquely powerful career planning platform in which students can contact former pupils in specific fields to get advice and support. Moving forward, I see an opportunity to build on this work by offering more face-to-face forums between students and ONs.

On a more practical level, as an Advisory Group we’ve also been exploring business development opportunities with the Sixth Form Business Studies students to develop a range of products from concept to market. This has the dual benefit of giving them real-world experience, while potentially generating funds for the School’s bursary programme. And while it’s still early days, there is huge potential in this space as I see the group playing a crucial role in the on-going work of the President and Vice President. 

So with an eye on the future and the past, I firmly believe the ONs are guided by the values of Courage, Support, Storytelling, Emotion, and Fun. I also strongly feel that by engaging with the current student population we can reinforce the ONs as an aspirational and purposeful community. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I appreciate your support and the opportunity to continue to serve the ON Society in the new capacity of President. 


 Simon Martin (86-92) - Candidate for President 

Dear ONs

Let’s be honest, ‘school reunions’ aren’t for everyone. We need to find ways to encourage a leap of faith to give it a go (surprisingly fun after the initial shock!), test some virtual options and make the most of platforms like LinkedIn. If I’m elected I’d help keep us all in touch through the updates, events and platforms that ON Society provides.   I’m interested in what we can do to mentor ONs and each other’s children as they transition into work and hopefully find ways to support local school pupils who may not have had such a privileged start.

I’ve worked in tech for the last 25 years and am currently CEO of Group GTI, a careers platform for school and university students.   I live near Banbury in North Oxfordshire with my wife and 3 children (one now at university).  I’m a regular visitor to the Fine City in that my parents, brother and sister-in-law live in and around Norwich. And if that’s not enough, my niece has just joined the school.  

Paul (the other candidate) and I have got to know each other through involvement in ONs.  I hope that you’ll vote for me but if not, he’d also make an excellent choice (!)



 Tim Blyth (85-91) - Candidate for Vice-President  

I live in north Norfolk, and after a career as an auctioneer and consultant to the auction industry nationally, now run our family business, a provincial auction house just north of Norwich. 

I have maintained very close links with the school since leaving in 1991. I am an ON year and career ambassador, and I have worked closely with the development office team over the years in that capacity. More recently, I have enjoyed being able to support the school as part of the corporate sponsor programme. 

I also have very close links to the current school community, being both an upper school and lower school parent (as well as a cathedral chorister parent), giving me daily contact with the school which will, I hope, help to maintain and build on links between the ON community and the school, as well as future ONs. 

Being locally based, and at a point of my career where I can devote time to the role, means that I would be able to offer very practical on-the-ground support to the President, whilst promoting and supporting ongoing links with the current school community.  

Interests outside of work include music, the arts, food(!), and antiques. 


 Hannah Talbot (09-11) - Candidate for Vice-President

I had the most brilliant, positive, and exciting time at Norwich School as a student. It was an inclusive environment that was aspirational, supportive and fun – an experience that really set me up for life after school, through university and beyond. 

I’ve been consistently in touch with the school and ON network and have enjoyed attending many ON events. I was also asked to speak at the Lower School Speech Day in 2019, a fantastic opportunity to give a talk and engage with the youngest members of the school. 

With approximately 4,500 ONs in touch with the school, the potential to utilise this network is huge. So much can be done through the great events that are already in the calendar – and I’d love to become a part of the team that makes these things happen and explore other opportunities.

I’m currently a producer at BBC Radio 2 and produce The Radio Times podcast for an independent production company. Producing live shows and podcasts that speak to a wide audience is a real passion for me. Diversity and Inclusion forms a significant part of my training and I believe this is something I could bring this to the ON table. 

I recently met with Paul Bufton (ON 83-89) and we were very much aligned on ensuring the ON society is inclusive, useful, supportive and fun. It would be a pleasure to work alongside Paul and the development team to expand upon the excellent framework that the current team have put in place.

I would be both honoured and excited to take on the role of Vice President and feel I would bring enthusiasm, energy and a fresh perspective to the group. Thank you very much for considering my application.


The ON Society

When a pupil leaves Norwich School, they automatically become an ON and a member of the ON Society. Membership is free, and the primary purpose of the Society is to foster communication and friendship amongst former pupils and with the school. It also assists the school by raising support in the form of funds and expertise from individuals willing to volunteer their time and services. The ON President and Vice President work closely with the staff in the Norwich School Development Team as they implement the ON programme of activities.


Role Description – President 

The President is the figurehead of the ON Society and is responsible for representing the ONs.

The President of the ON Society will be expected to:

  • Be a point of contact for ONs who may wish to raise matters with them in relation to the school and its operations or the ON Society
  • To attend ON Society meetings
  • MC and give a short speech at major ON events each year (ON Dinner, ON London Drinks Reception and ON Day)
  • To provide general assistance to the Norwich School Development Team in fundraising and other strategic priorities
  • Attend, where possible, other significant ON and Norwich School events to represent the ON Society
  • Provide a brief report for the annual ON Magazine (approximately 250 to 300 words)
  • Support and promote ON membership and participation in school activities, events and fundraising campaigns.


Role Description - Vice President

The Vice President plays a key role in supporting and assisting the President and standing in on occasions when the President is unable to perform his / her duties. 

The Vice President of the ON Society will be expected to:

  • Support the ON President in his / her role
  • Attend ON Society meetings
  • Attend major ON events each year (such as ON London Drinks Reception, ON Match Day, ON Dinner and ON Day), deputising for the President as necessary
  • Attend, where possible, other significant ON and Norwich School events
  • To provide general assistance to the Norwich School Development Team in fundraising and other strategic priorities
  • Support and promote ON membership and participation in school activities, events and fundraising campaigns.