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ON David Reeve (ON 48-57) reflects on his participation in the Queen's Coronation

02 June 2022

As part of our Jubilee celebrations this month, ON David Reeve talks to us with great clarity about his role as a chorister in the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953 whilst a pupil at Norwich School.

He reflects on his pride about being chosen, on the very strict off-site rehearsal schedule that lasted a month, on how disaster nearly befell him when his critical proof of rehearsal schedule was misplaced (and then found). He talks to us of the wall of sound that greeted the young queen during the service and how a 1950s bland diet was livened up as tables groaned under the weight of a sumptuous buffet banquet afterwards. Finally, he considers how this momentous event has taken pride of place amongst his memories of school life, 70 years on.

Watch the full video below: