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ON Adam Clayton to volunteer in Borneo, Malaysia with Raleigh International Charity

09 February 2017

On 5th March 2017 Old Norvicensian Adam Clayton (07-15) will be flying out to Malaysia for 7 weeks in order to carry out a voluntary expedition for the Charity, Raleigh International. Malaysia has a growing economy and is said to have less than 2% of its population living below the national poverty line. However, in areas such as Sabah and Sarawak in Borneo, around 20% live in poverty. They lack access to basic infrastructure and services, including roads, electricity, water and sanitation. Raleigh Internationals aim is to sustainably develop these areas so that the communities are able to live independently, with the necessary equipment and knowledge. They work in remote, rural areas to improve access to safe water and sanitation, build community resilience, to sustainably manage natural resources and to protect vulnerable environments.

The charity’s other aim is to empower young adults to feel more confident making decisions independently so that when their expeditions are over, they are a more well-rounded, humble person.

You can view some of the work that Raleigh does, on their website

Adam said “I aim to raise as much money for Raleigh so that they can fund the development of many different less privileged areas. All of the money raised will be going to the charity, and I’m sure they would be grateful for any amount of donation.”

Please follow this link to support Adam’s fundraising page: