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Update on Covid-19

Norwich School’s ongoing response to COVID-19 (a coronavirus)* 

Last updated: 2 September 2020 


We are very much looking forward to welcoming back pupils and staff to on-site provision from the Michaelmas Term, in accordance with the government’s guidance (published earlier in the summer) for the full opening of schools from the autumn term.  More recently, the government has also published a framework for local decision-makers that sets out how national and local partners will work with the public at a local level to prevent, contain and manage outbreaks.  Within that “Contain” guidance, Annex 3 details the tiers of restriction for education and childcare that would be applicable in exceptional circumstances, and as a last resort.  We are mindful of this guidance in our ongoing planning, and will communicate clearly to families in the event that local restrictions are in place and we need to re-introduce some elements of remote learning. In the meantime, we continue to focus on remaining open successfully for all pupils. To further support this, where at all possible, visits to the school site should be by appointment only. 


Updates to our general risk assessment 

As outlined in the information for parents document published on 27 August 2020, we have developed our detailed risk assessment; the practical outcomes of these revisions were shared in full in the document and key points are summarised below. 

Our principal risk control measure (A) in place continues to be geared towards preventing infection by minimising contact with individuals who are unwell; it is supplemented by five further control measures (B1-5). These measures can be seen as a hierarchy of controls designed to create an inherently safer system of working in a school environment.  This safer system of work continues to apply to staff, contractors and any other visitors to/users of the school site.    



Minimise contact with individuals who are unwell; individuals with COVID-19 symptoms themselves, or within their household, must not attend school and anyone developing symptoms during the school day   is sent home 


Hand hygiene  


Respiratory hygiene  


Frequent cleaning of touched surfaces  


Minimise contact between individuals and maximise distancing between those in school wherever possible to reduce the potential for contamination to the lowest reasonably practicable level  


Except in an emergency situationmaintain social distancing  

Covid 19: risk control measures [rev1]  



On 25 August 2020, the government guidance regarding face coverings in schools became more nuanced. Nationwide, while the government is not recommending face coverings as necessary**, schools have the discretion to require face coverings in communal areas if they believe that is right in their particular circumstances.  In addition to accommodating any pupil or staff member’s personal preference to wear a face covering, from the start of the Michaelmas Term there are three particular circumstances when we require the Norwich School community to wear face coverings (unless individual health-related exemptions apply): 

  • On dedicated school transport (that is on any Norwich School ‘bus run’ to and/or from school, and on all inter-site transport for our sports activities). 

  • In the  Cathedral for year group assemblies 

  • When moving around the school indoors where social distancing is difficult to maintain (e.g. corridors) 

We are asking all families to ensure children attend school each day with at least one face-covering, and (for face-coverings that are re-usable/washable) a plastic bag for safe storage. Ideally, face-coverings will be single-colour in design. 


Thank you for your ongoing support.  To help maintain the site as a low-risk environment for all pupils, staff, and visitors, we ask specifically that: 

  • No-one attends the school site if they, or anyone in the household, has symptoms of  COVID-19; that is recent onset of any of the following:  

  • a high temperature, 

  • a new continuous cough,  

  • a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell. 

  • No-one attends the school site if they are subject to self-solation following overseas travel. 

  • When legitimately on-site, every member of the Norwich school community: 

  • adopts hand and respiratory hygiene measures,  

  • follows the measures to minimise contact and mixing,  

  • supports our enhanced cleaning regime, and  

  • maintains social distancing [in accordance with the latest government guidance] where at all possible.  

  • Every member of the Norwich School community: 

  • follows strictly the self-/household- isolation guidance  where any household member tests positive for COVID-19.  


Your support is much appreciated, and highly valued. 


*Parents, staff and pupils should remember that Norwich School is not a medical authority, nor is the guidance intended as legal advice, and any decisions in this area will involve medical professionals and wider advice from health authorities.   

**Where transmission of the virus is high (defined as areas of national government intervention as listed here), the government’s guidance is that face coverings must be worn by adults and pupils in secondary schools when moving around the school, such as in corridors and communal areas where social distancing is difficult to maintain.