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Donations into the Annual Fund increase the funds available for assisted places so that bright children from disadvantaged backgrounds can reap the benefits of a Norwich School education. As little as 5% of fees can make a crucial difference – and bursaries can cover as much as 100%, depending on each family’s circumstances. Each year we receive over 100 requests for bursaries for new pupils, and also existing pupils whose families are facing hardship due to unexpected challenges like redundancy, divorce or bereavement.

A statement from a bursary recipient on studying at Norwich School:

“I am not saying that if I didn’t go to Norwich School I wouldn’t have got into a top university, but Norwich School gave me all the support that I needed and more so to achieve this. On reflection, I believe that I developed into a well-rounded individual over my school years thanks to a broad curriculum which included critical thinking and philosophy. Teachers engaged me in their subjects promoting independent learning and therefore made the transition to university that much easier. Most importantly, my bursary gave me the opportunity to study in an environment in which it was the norm for people to strive to succeed and this same mentality is now instilled in me. I am not just happy to settle for mediocrity as I challenge myself to stand out from the crowd as Norwich School encouraged me to do every day. I am now cherishing my time studying economics at UCL and hope one day to be able to thank the school for what they have done for me.”


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