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Lower School Expansion Project

Norwich School recently undertook a substantial project to expand the Lower School in order to address the lack of teaching space. With an annual cohort in the region of 190 pupils, a larger and more appropriate learning facilities was much needed.

Work on the Lower School extension began in summer 2013 and the new facilities opened at the beginning of Trinity term in April 2014. As well as providing two new classrooms and three music practice rooms, the project also delivered something quite rare for the 7 to 11 year group, a dedicated junior science laboratory.

The science laboratory enables learning through practical experiments in all three disciplines; biology, chemistry and physics. The facility is used by all the pupils and has enabled the Lower School to increase its focus on science, an important STEM subject (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

The Lower School extension was officially opened in May, 2014 by the widow of former Norwich School pupil (ON) and scientist, Joe Farman, CBE whom the laboratory was named after. As a member of the British Antarctic Survey, he helped identify the hole in the ozone layer; a milestone in our understanding of human impact on the environment.

The expansion project cost £620,000 and approximately 80% of the funds were raised from donations from, among others, the Garfield Western Foundation, the Paul Bassham Charitable Trust, the ON Club and former pupils who left gifts to the school in their Will.


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