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Norwich School Sixth Form

Life in the sixth form is a busy and rewarding experience, combining rigorous academic scholarship and commitment to a range of extra-curricular activities, as well as leadership and service roles.

Pupils typically study 3 A levels over two years from a large selection of subjects: If interest in a subject at A level is limited to 3 pupils, a review of whether subject will run is taken.

Dedicated study areas are provided in the Bishop’s Palace as well as places to relax and socialise. Our aim is to ensure that all pupils reach their potential and are able to apply for the university courses and career paths of their choice. To assist in this vital task, The Head of Careers and Oxbridge coordinator organise a series of talks (the weekly Futures programme) as well as university visits to give pupils the information they need.

There are two games afternoons as well as a Community Service option, which sees sixth form pupils working in a variety of projects throughout the area. The strong House system ensures that many pupils in the Sixth Form take on a role in mentoring junior members of the school. More formally there are opportunities to take on roles as House and School Prefects. Each tutorial group (consisting of approximately 22 pupils) is supported by two tutors, who play a vital role in guiding pupils through the sixth form as well as university applications.

Life in the sixth form is also designed to be a great preparation for university. As they progress from the Lower 6 to Upper 6, we encourage pupils to take on greater responsibility for their work and leisure time, whilst also offering the structured support they need at key points in the year.

Those leaving at the end of two years in the sixth form will confirm that it is an incredibly diverse and rich experience, which passes all too quickly but where many friends are made for life.


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