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The Senior School is organised by Houses. Pupils are allocated to a House upon joining the school, and stay with that House as they move up through the year-groups. Many of a pupil's first and firmest friendships will be forged within the House.

Each of the eight Houses is managed by a Housemaster, a senior member of staff who comes to know the pupils and their parents very well during their years of association with the House, and who brings compassion and continuity to a pupil's life. If a problem arises, the tutor will involve the Housemaster in its resolution; they are familiar figures in the school who offer a blend of experience and encouragement.

The day-to-day care of the pupils is in the hands of the Tutors. The Tutor monitors the pupil's academic progress, general welfare, co-curricular involvement, and should be the first point of parental contact for most matters of concern or enquiry.

Complementing the House structure is the vertical year structure. The Heads of Section, all members of the School's Senior Management Team, oversee year groups. The Heads of Section are Andrew Rowlandson for the fourth form (Acting Deputy Head), Mark Barber for the fifth form and Craig Hooper for the sixth form. The Heads of Section are supported by deputies, Ed Cann Acting Deputy for the fourth form, Charlotte Wyndham Acting Deputy for the fifth form and Victoria Hood Deputy for the sixth form. The sixth form team support Mr Hooper, overseeing the UCAS process including Oxbridge preparation, the Careers office and the Prefect body.

Heads of section provide an important layer to the pastoral care of pupils at Norwich School, bringing insight to whole year and whole section issues. Serious pastoral and disciplinary issues are often dealt with by them. Heads of Section also play a key role in the induction process of new pupils ensuring that they have a smooth introduction to Norwich School.

The Housemasters and the Heads of Sections are managed by the Acting Pastoral Deputy Head, Nicola Hill, who is accountable to the Head Master for the pastoral care, discipline and day to day running of the school. The pastoral team also includes the Assistant Head (Compliance and Outreach), Peter Goddard. We also have a Chaplain, two School Nurses and a School Counsellor.


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