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Edward Valpy, Head Master 1811 – 1829, aroused strong emotions in pupils who wrote about him. While some remembered him with ‘cordial gratitude, respect and even affection’, others saw him as a snob and a tyrant. His reputation for flogging was legendary; but he was apparently less brutal than his counterpart, Mr Keats of Eton. Valpy was certainly a scholar of some merit, publishing a successful book in the Latin language; and his old boys regarded him highly enough to call the first ON club ‘The Valpeian Society’. When a new House was needed in 1962 to absorb the increasing number of day boys, Valpy's name was the obvious choice. He had raised the number of boys in the school from tens to hundreds during his headmastership, having spread the academic reputation of the school beyond the bounds of Norfolk and Suffolk.

David Bateman, Housemaster



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