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Unlike the other seven houses, School House is not named after a distinguished ON or Head Master. It owes its name to its origins as a boarding house. In nineteenth century schools, it was normal practice to call the boarding house of which the Head Master was also the Housemaster ‘the school house’. When Head Masters ceased to function as Housemasters, the name nevertheless persisted. The last Head Master of Norwich School to function as Housemaster of School House was Andrew Stephenson in the 1950s. The House then continued as the boarding house, based in the building now called ‘School House’ and in the Palace, until 1989, when boarding was phased out. School House then became the seventh day house.

School House's present philosophy is one of inclusiveness. All members of the House are encouraged to involve themselves fully in school life and to make the most of the host of opportunities on offer here at Norwich School. We have a much revered reputation for success in a wide range of activities. We are also working hard to regain our eminence in the 'House Shout'!

Iain Grisewood, Housemaster



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