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The House takes its name from the school’s most distinguished ON and draws inspiration from the Nelson touch that aimed to take each individual’s strengths and weaknesses into account when attempting to mould a cohesive unit. The housemaster and his tutors endeavour to create an atmosphere of care and co-operation within the school and the wider community.

Nelson House has had notable sporting victories in recent years, culminating in winning Sports Day in 2007. Although we were narrowly beaten in this year’s Music Festival, it was the learning process as much as the final judgement that was important: Members of the House, be they boys or girls, young or old, were instructed and encouraged by their peers in order to produce an impressive performance on the day. A strong sense of identity and considerable pride in their achievement were admirable consequences of the experience.

Other House events focus on the formal concert that is held in the school chapel during the Michaelmas Term and the informal variety evening that is held during the Lent Term. On both occasions the wide variety of talent of the musicians and thespians provides exceptional entertainment.

James Large, Housemaster



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