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Medical Centre

Medical Centre

Norwich School has a well-appointed medical centre staffed by two qualified general nurses who are on duty from 8.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday during term time.

Sports matches at weekends are covered by trained nurses during the rugby, hockey and football season.

Ill or injured pupils are referred to the nurse and are cared for at school until a parent or guardian arrives.

Individual care plans for pre-existing conditions such as allergies, diabetes or asthma are agreed with parents and up-dated regularly. Consent for “over the counter medications” is routinely obtained pre-admission to the school by completing the necessary form.

Prescribed medication can be stored and administered if required. Medication should be named and the dosage clearly written on the container.

The School Counsellor is also available for pupils and appointments can be arranged through the nurses.

If you wish to discuss management of your child’s health, the school nurse can be contacted on 01603 728444.


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