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Coke House is named after one of Norwich School’s most illustrious and perhaps most notorious former pupils, Sir Edward Coke. Coke was a zealous prosecutor of Sir Walter Raleigh and of the Gunpowder Plot conspirators, but perhaps his greatest contribution to the law was to translate the Magna Carta.

Coke House was founded in 1945 and Cokesians are expected to make the very best of their individual academic, musical and sporting talents, and to use those talents both for their own improvement and for the betterment of others. While inter-house competition is enjoyed, co-operation is highly valued, fairness is paramount and winning a consequence of hard work. We place a high priority on being smart, courteous and helpful to every member of school and society. A huge number of charity fund raising events that we organise on an annual basis enable Cokesians to showcase their energy and skills: sponsored fun runs; our own and unique variety evening, ‘The Secret Cokesian Ball’; and the very popular ‘Jazz Nite’.

Much of Sir Edward’s influence lives on today and, in some small way, this House follows his lead with a balanced perspective, an open mind, and a determination to do what is right.

Graham Hanlon, Housemaster



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