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Taking its name from the infamous ON Sir James Brooke, the Rajah of Sarawak. He attended the School from 1815 and went on to carve out a career in the army. After an injury cut short this line of work, he used a substantial inheritance to buy a boat and sail to Borneo. Here he exerted his power and ruled over Sarawak for 27 years.

Brooke House is a welcoming and inclusive body of tutors and pupils. Tutorials often focus on developing an awareness of the pupils' place in wider society. Priorities include raising monies for the House charities and promoting more sustainable ways of living.

Our House charities include the Matrix Project, an organisation dedicated to assisting those involved in the vice trade in Norwich, and Beht, an Indian NGO dedicated to helping disadvantaged children in India. Our Charity Committee devises fun and innovative fund raising ideas each year.

There is also a strong emphasis on drama and music. Members of the House take part in an annual Performance Evening where short plays, music and dance performances take place. There is also strength in sport: in recent years, a member of the House has become a professional footballer and there have also been national hockey players and sailors in our ranks.

Tracey Newstead, Housemaster



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