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Football Overview

At Norwich School we aim to foster a player-centred and coach-led environment where all our coaching staff’s efforts are generated towards improving players both on and off the pitch.

We provide each individual the opportunity to be educated our philosophies associated with the game of football.

Personal technique, positional skills, team tactics and professionalism as a whole are addressed for boys in the Michaelmas term and girls in the Lent term.

Expectations are set at the highest level with regards to punctuality, appearance, behaviour and discipline.

The boys 1st XI competes in the Anglian Independent Schools Football League, ISFA Boodles Cup, Norfolk Schools County Cup and competitive friendlies, with the 2nd XI currently playing competitive friendlies. Our girl’s side play competitive friendlies against local school and college sides.

We strive to maximise each players potential and hope to equip them successfully enough to participate at their appropriate standard after leaving Norwich School, whether at university, club or professional level.

In recent years we have seen a number of players represent Norfolk County FA, embark on football scholarships in America and play semi-professional or professional football.

Craig Cole

Head of Football


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