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Overseas Trips

‘One cannot truly educate young people in this country without the international dimension being a very significant and real part of their learning experience’.  (from Putting the World into World Class Education).

At Norwich School we genuinely believe that the wide provision of overseas learning experiences supports our pupils in how they consider and engage in the roles and responsibilities they have as active and informed global citizens: through connecting with peers in other countries; through experiencing new cultures; and developing new understanding of their place in the world.

Amongst our many overseas opportunities, we currently run language exchanges to Oviedo and Barcelona for our Spanish students; Paris and Perpignan for our French students; Linz and Liechtenstein for our German students.

There are a huge number of opportunities, too many to mention, but our politicians, historians, geographers and artists visit Washington and New York or San Francisco and Los Angeles; there are cultural and GAP exchanges to China, Russia and India; we visit Greece, Italy and Turkey with our Classics pupils; our scientists go to CERN; there have been climbing experiences in the Alps and the Highlands of Scotland; and recent sports tours have seen our hockey players in Malaysia and our cricketers in South Africa.




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