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Community service

Community service

All societies have their strengths and weaknesses; all societies are different, but surely one of the real strengths of any group is its willingness to look after the less fortunate and to enhance experiences for others in a selfless way.

The Community Service programme has been devised to support one of the school's primary aims: to equip pupils for leadership and service. Both L6 and U6 pupils take part in the programme and, it is hoped, the benefits will be tangible and in many ways profitable. Each of the placements will bring pupils into direct contact with other sections of the Norwich and Norfolk community, several of which contain people less fortunate than themselves. Pupils will all receive training which could be of important benefit for later life and they will be able to draw on their experiences for the purpose of university applications; several providers are willing to supply references for such purposes. Pupils will be asked to keep and complete a log of their placement experience.

Recently our Community Service Music group visited the Clare School, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital and James Paget Hospital childrens' wards. They performed Peter and the Wolf. They have also performed for the Time Norfolk Open Evening which was held at the Virgin Money lounge.

Pupils find involvement in the programme both rewarding and highly enjoyable. Like all such projects, the more pupils are involved the greater the satisfaction derived.

" It was really great to get out into the community and do something that really appeared appreciated."
A. Hunt (L6N) - Writing about his community service work at the George White Junior School.

Community Service Brochure

For three years now pupils of Norwich School have developed a valuable relationship with the pupils of Hall School, which describes itself as a 'Specialist College for Communication and Interaction'. In collaboration with BBC voices the pupils recently created a film to capture this relationship, and illustrate the variety of ways that students at the Hall School communicate.