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Clubs and Societies

Clubs and Societies

We encourage pupils to take part in a range of activities, trips and exchanges in order to broaden their horizons.  By taking part, pupils are able to take up new challenges, discover new places and experience other cultures. We believe that participation in the extra-curricular life of the school develops pupils’ self-confidence, hones their organisation and team-working skills, provides them with opportunities to lead and serve, and can provide life-time interests and hobbies as well as a chance to meet new people and make new friends.

Please click here for our full schedule of Clubs & Societies

  • Amnesty International - Norwich School Amnesty International Group is a student-run organisation, which meets every Monday lunchtime in NB2 to fundraise and promote human rights around the school and wider community through events such as cake sales and the Variety Evening. The group is friendly and welcoming, and we’re always open to new members.
  • Appeals Committee - The Appeals Committee is Norwich School's pupil-led fundraising body. The committee chooses its own causes and tries to support a combination of local, national and international charities.  The main aim of the committee is to organise fundraising activities throughout the academic year.
  • Aspect - The Norwich School Young Film Makers Guild A group of enthusiastic film makers meet in H5 to plan and then film, direct, edit and produce a whole host of film projects from School productions to creative productions. 
  • Bridge Club - The Bridge Club meets twice a week at lunch time for social Bridge, with improvers' sessions after school.  There are special introductory slots for beginners, an annual House competition, and an annual Christmas party!   All ages and abilities are welcome.  Beginners start with Minibridge, the quick version which gets you playing straight away, and progress to full-blown Bridge after a few weeks.
  • Colloquium - The school's senior Classics Society, Colloquium's aim is to encourage the independent pursuit of Classical interests outside of the school curriculum and pupils are encouraged to take the lead as much as possible.  Meetings are held once a fortnight on Thursdays after school and take the form of either lectures or seminars.
  • The Julian Society - The Society meets every Monday lunchtime to discuss matters of interest in relation to religion, philosophical belief, atheism or any topic which opens up a wider debate on faith.  All are welcome, with the presentations being mostly pupil-led via Powerpoint and Q&A sessions which stimulate entertaining and provoked heated discussion. The Julian Society takes its name from Lady Julian of Norwich.  She had a series of visions of God and meditated on their meaning for the rest of her life.
  • Junior Sketching Club - Junior Sketching Club is a haven after the bussle of a busy day at school. L4-L5 pupils can drop in to practise their sketching and doodling skills in a relaxed environment; it is a perfect way to get to know other students. Sketch books are provided.
  • Planewalkers’ Guild - 'Magic the Gathering' is a trading card game - a combination of chess and poker but without the money! The Planeswalkers' Guild is the official name for our group. The Club is open to all year groups and no experience neccessary. If you like strategy, fantasy and to pit your wits against some of the most devious minds in the School, then come along and see what all the fuss is about!
  • Running Club - Running Club leave from the Daynes Sports Centre and go on a 2 to 3 mile loop of the city.  Routes include going round Carrow Park, as well as running down to Whitlingham Park.  All ages and abilities are welcome, but all must wear, to their delight, a bright yellow reflective running vest.  We hope to develop pupils’ base fitness as well as encourage pupils to enter Norwich running events, such as the Race for Life and 5/10km runs.
  • Forefront - The Science Society meets regularly in Horsefair House and welcomes scientists from all year groups. External speakers often visit to talk about academic research, engineering and science careers and pupilss also present their own work on biology, chemistry and physics projects.
  • Sewing Club -Keep calm and sew! Sewing Club use the Art Department Janome sewing machines and thanks to the recent revival of interest in the domestic skills, students are also encouraged to make their own clothes and to understand the apparent mysteries of using paper patterns. Anyone interested is welcome, from L4 to staff.  The club meet for up to two hours every Thursday from 4.15 p.m. in F3.
  • Sculling Club - Sculling Club meets once a week, usually on Wednesdays for L4 or U4 pupils who wants to give rowing a try with no previous experience necessary. Top coach, David Wynne, is on board to give expert beginners’ training. The only pre-requisite is that you can swim!
  • Soapbox Society/The Podium/The Conference — Make your voice heard!  If you have something to say, or you’d like to listen to someone who does, the “Soapbox Society” meets every Friday at lunchtime for public speeches and debates on current issues — absolutely no experience necessary.  If you’d like to join a team and improve your rhetorical skills, “The Podium” meets Wednesdays after school to research and practice for a range of competitions and conferences.  And if you’re a Sixth Form pupil interested in diplomacy or youth politics, “The Conference” meets every Monday at lunchtime to discuss current affairs and plan campaigns.
  • Troglodytes - ‘Troglodytes’ is the name given to the Philosophy and Film Club where pupils in the 4th & 5th forms watch philosophical films….after which we then have a group discussion (whilst munching doughnuts) to consider such puzzling questions. Troglodytes meets every Wednesday after school.
  • Young Enterprise - Young Enterprise is an exciting opportunity for L6 to participate in the excitement of forming their own businesses. Each year, Norwich School companies meet once a week; deciding their own agenda, setting up and running their own business companies for the academic year.  These companies are ably supported by Business Advisers and Link Teachers who attend the weekly meetings.  Pupils enjoy participating in local Trade Fairs where they can sell their products and competing in the Norfolk Young Enterprise County Finals.


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