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Physical Education


The Physical Education Department provides pupils with the opportunity to develop physical competence, build self-esteem and to value the benefits of a healthy and active life style through regular exercise. Curricular and extra-curricular sport provides the opportunity to experience a range of physical activities which will lead to participation in sport for life.

Physical Education is taught within the timetable to pupils from Lower 4 to Lower 5. Lower 4 have a weekly lesson, with Upper 4 being on a 4 week rotation with PSHE.  Lower 5 have two four week blocks of Physical Education over the course of an academic year.  The PE curriculum is carefully designed to develop each pupil’s physical, mental and emotional capacity to perform as an individual or as part of a team. The rubric of Health Related Exercise underpins the PE curriculum ensuring the pupils are able to make informed decisions of how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. While the competitive and athletic activities provides the pupils the opportunity to develop fine motor skills and physical literacy.  

Lower 4 PE:

In Lower 4 the PE sets are mixed gender and mixed ability. Classes of 24 are halved and assigned a member of staff to take that specific set through the programme of activities. 

Units 1 and 2: Gymnastics and Badminton

Units 3 and 4: Health Related Exercise and Invasion Games

Units 5 and 6: Athletics and Tennis

Upper 4 PE:

In Upper 4 the groups are split by houses.

Unit 1, 2 and 3: Health Related Exercise, Swimming and Invasion Games

Unit 4:  Athletics

Lower 5 PE:

In Upper 5 the groups are split by houses.

Unit 1 and 2: Health Related Exercise and Invasion Games

To complement the PE curriculum each pupil at Norwich School participates in two sessions of games a week. Initially boys play Rugby (Michaelmas), Hockey (Lent) and Cricket (Trinity) while the girls play Hockey (Michaelmas), Netball (Lent) and Cricket/Rounders (Trinity). More options become available to choose from in the 6th form: Athletics, Badminton, Cross-country, Climbing, Cycling, Dance, Fencing, Fitness, Gymnastics, Kayaking, Rowing, Sailing, Self-defence, Shooting, Squash, Swimming, Trampolining and Tennis.


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