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"Philosophy is taught throughout the school by inspirational eccentrics"
Tatler Magazine, Good Schools Guide (2007)

Philosophy is something of an interesting and popular innovation at Norwich School. It is over fourteen years since Francis McIvor (Philosophy and Classics) decided to create the school's Philosophy society, namely The Thomas Browne Society. Named after Norwich's only known philosopher, this society met after school every three weeks, pupils and teachers coming together with no holds barred, to discuss minds like Nietzsche's, Plato's and Marx's. The whole ethical and political spectrum from left to right was assumed as the foundation (and fair game) for discussion.

The society was hugely popular, especially with pupils all those days ago, and it is still going strong today. In 2001, AQA in their wisdom piloted an A level in Philosophy. We jumped at the chance to timetable the subject.


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