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The whole philosophy of the department is to inculcate a deep interest in the subject for its own sake. As such, topics are chosen at all levels which will enable pupils not just to know what happened but to raise questions that lead them to a closer understanding of the repercussions and  subsequent events. Concentration on developing skills of literacy, analysis, understanding of cause and effect, motive of groups and role of the individual forms a central core of each year’s study. Pupils are encouraged to look at a wide variety of sources, some in the language of the period studied, with the expectation that they will be able to derive an understanding of events and wider appreciation of the topics. An ability to interpret statistics and graphical representation is also fostered.

Each member of department teaches to their own strengths and interests throughout not just at A level. As such the curriculum is deliberately broad and flexible. Certain topics are expected in each year group, otherwise individual teachers will approach themes as is seen fit. Concentration on cultural as well as political history is encouraged and enjoyed, as is local history with the city providing many ideal site visits.


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