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The Geography Department at Norwich School aims to stimulate pupils' interest in and deepen their knowledge and appreciation of the earth's landscapes, peoples, places and environments. Contemporary Geography focuses on the interaction between the human and the physical environment rather than the learning of facts and figures in isolation and we strive to reflect this approach in our courses and teaching methods. Pupils study a wide range of current events and issues including plate tectonic hazards, river landscapes, the exploitation and management of fragile environments, the global fashion industry, tourism and development issues. We seek to stimulate pupils' interest and curiosity by encouraging them to think for themselves, recognise that many of the issues we study are not as clear-cut as is often suggested and develop their own opinions. Our teaching program also gives many opportunities for pupils to develop important skills and personal qualities such as an appreciation and understanding of maps, use of ICT, presentation and team work. In years 7-9, we have designed our own teaching program to introduce pupils to current geographical issues, develop key skills and give an idea of the nature of the subject at GCSE and beyond. At GCSE and A level we follow the AQA specification. All members of the Department are Geography specialists with a wide range of interests and experience, including authoring and examining, who are genuinely interested in and enjoy teaching this varied subject.


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