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The English Department at Norwich School is vigorous and successful, offering pupils lively, challenging experiences in the classroom. It is the aim of the English Department to stimulate a lifelong interest in reading and writing in the pupils.

Beyond a modest agreed core of key concepts, skills and text selections for each year group and within the constraints imposed by the GCSE and A Level specifications, it is our aim to allow our own individual personalities, methods and beliefs to shape the programme of teaching we deliver to each class.

Our philosophy reflects the unique part English plays in education. The study of English, at any level, must give pupils the scope for individual thought, response and expression. The central aims are to develop the creative and analytical skills of our pupils to the full.

Imaginative writing is taught and valued but not uncritically. Up to GCSE all pupils will have the opportunity to produce their own writing in all genres and to learn how to draft, develop, edit, improve and present their work to the highest possible standard. Through the reading and study of texts, pupils are encouraged to develop their own responses to language and literature, to advance their understanding of how writers use words and to consider and evaluate the part played by the contexts in which writers write.


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