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Economics is an intellectually challenging subject that combines logical reasoning with the study of important global developments. Economics is at the heart of decisions for households, businesses and government and thereby impacts on everyone. A study of Economics helps pupils understand how beliefs, structures or need shape such decisions. A study of Economics helps them understand on what basis important decisions are made at all levels and their potential impact. The Economics Department will engage pupils with these processes through the study of what shapes the psychology of such decision making. Pupils will need to apply economic concepts and theories in a range of contexts to appreciate how they can be used to help explain current affairs. To facilitate this, pupils will study Economics from two levels, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Microeconomics deals with economics decisions made at low or micro level. Macroeconomics deals with the sum total of decisions made by individuals in a society. As part of the analysis of such crucial decisions pupils will use a range of techniques, including written and statistical.


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