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Drama and Theatre Studies


Curricular Drama is responsible for delivering full courses to Lower 4 and Upper 4 (non-examination Drama), Lower 5 (pre-GCSE Drama set), Middle and Upper 5 (GCSE Drama set), Lower 6 (AS Drama and Theatre Studies set), Upper 6 (A2 Drama and Theatre Studies set).

Aims and Objectives:
Drama is the practical exploration of what makes theatrical performance (acting, movement, technical skills, staging); Drama and Theatre Studies (the subject taught at A-level) adds to this a more academic study of the history of theatre and major practitioners.

We aim to teach pupils

  • to work together constructively;
  • to develop self-confidence;
  • to be able to use both body and voice for effective communication;
  • to learn kinaesthetically;
  • to develop performance skills;
  • to understand different ways in which plays/performances can be constructed and delivered;
  • to recognize different kinds of stage/performance area (including some history of theatre);
  • to understand the roles of directors, designers and technicians and to have experience of at least some of these, including practical sessions in lighting and sound;
  • to understand the main principles of recognized practitioners.



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