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Classics (Latin Greek Classical Civilisation)


The department at Norwich School is hard-working, creative and successful. All pupils study Latin in Lower 4 and Upper 4, and then either Latin or Classical Civilisation in Lower 5, when all are introduced to Classical Greek. All three subjects are option choices at GCSE and A Level, and numbers are strong. The influence of Latin and Classical Greek on modern languages, including English, is a powerful one, and the worlds of ancient Greece and Rome, their societies and mythologies, continue to fascinate. For a look at some of the materials we cover in class, please do visit the Classics area of the school’s VLE: https://vle.norwich-school.org.uk/login/index.php

However, Classics is not confined to the classroom. We have a long-established and highly successful Senior Classical Society, Colloquium, at which senior pupils research and present papers to their peers on topics such as Herakles and Heroism, the Development of the Roman Army, and the Love Poetry of Ovid and Catullus.

We stage an annual Classics Drama Festival, and run trips to Verulamium (St Albans) and the British Museum in London. Our Easter Classics Trips have also been very popular: our latest was to Italy, when 50 pupils visited Rome and the Bay of Naples. Whether celebrating Oxbridge success or supporting beginner Latinists in their first steps in the language, we are committed to enriching the lives of our pupils through their study of Classics.




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