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We aim to make Chemistry "fun" by making it not only challenging, stimulating and relevant but also, whenever possible, a "hands-on" experience. The course is presented as a sequential development of common themes that are revisited and expanded upon from the start of the IGCSE course in Lower 5 through to Upper 6. These themes are the ones you would expect to see in a chemistry course: structure and bonding, types of chemical reaction, metal and non-metal chemistry, carbon chemistry, chemistry in the market place and industry, analysis and detection and one of the fundamental questions, why some chemical reactions occur and others don't.

Laboratory handbooks have been written for each year group to ensure practical work is an integral part of the teaching programme. The practical skills the pupils acquire are not seen as a separate part of the course but play a key role in consolidating new concepts and reinforcing the acquisition of knowledge. By introducing pupils to a variety of challenges and ideas we hope to stimulate a lifelong interest in and maybe even a love for chemistry.
Chemistry is a vibrant and successful department with large numbers of pupils opting to continue their studies into the sixth form.


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