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Careers and Higher Education


The purpose of the Norwich School Careers and Higher Education Department is to help pupils develop a knowledge of themselves and the opportunities available to them so as they can best serve and contribute to the adult world into which they will enter.

The department seeks to fulfil the following remit:

1. To help pupils understand themselves and develop their capabilities
Pupils need to assess their own needs, interests, values, aptitudes and aspirations. The school will provide pupils with opportunities to achieve this and to develop the knowledge, self-reliance, key skills and other capabilities required for working life.

2. To help pupils investigate Higher Education, Careers and future opportunities
Pupils should understand the changing patterns of careers and work. Provision will be made for them to find out about local, national and international opportunities in education, training and work.

3. To help pupils implement their Higher Education and career plans
Pupils should develop increasing autonomy in making decisions and implementing their career planning. They should be able to review and evaluate their decisions and cope with changing circumstances. They can find further information to help them in their choices in the Careers library or by talking to members of the Advice Team.


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