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Art and Design


In the Art & Design Department, our policy is to ensure that the pupils engage in deep learning, enabling them to express their own ideas as effectively as possible. For some years now we have seen the development of creative thinking as the most critical stage of our growth and it sits at the core of everything we value in the department. The pupils are introduced to a variety of experiences, exploring a range of two and/or three dimensional media, processes and techniques and are made aware of both traditional and new technologies. Our open studio policy allows the pupils to make use of these facilities on a number of evenings during the school week. These experiences will always be enhanced by visits to most of the major galleries and museums such as Warner Bros. Studios, and residential visits to places such as Venice, Berlin and Barcelona. They tend to find that engaging in work in such breadth and depth is a highly rewarding experience.

We are always looking to the future for how we can interpret ideas and so the department has invested heavily in resources that are the envy of many schools. The importance of drawing, in all its different guises, is key to their development whether it is achieved with a pencil or mouse. They will produce conceptual and commercial work and ideas beyond their expectations through a range of different processes and media. We have had great success in ensuring pupils gain entry into the universities of their choice. Many who study one or more of the Art & Design endorsements go into a diverse range of careers from marketing, engineering, fashion and film through to architecture, fashion and graphic design.

The department is split into four main areas of study:

2D Design

Graphic Communication, Film, Animation, Illustration, Photography, Surface Design.

3D Design/Textiles

Product Design, Furniture, Jewellery, Architecture, Millinery, Interior Design, Textiles.

Fine Art

Drawing & Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Printmaking.

Art History

Visual analysis, evaluation and essay writing.

To visit the Department website, follow this link. http://www.norwichschooldesign.com/


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