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Sixth Form Trip to Cadiz

19 April 2017

In the first week of the Easter holidays, nine Spanish speakers from the Sixth Form embarked on a 5-day study visit to Cádiz Province in Southern Spain, accompanied by Ms Gillham and Ms Sandoval.

They were hosted by Spark Language School in Puerto de Santa María, a historic resort town across the water from the main city of Cádiz. The days were filled with intensive Spanish lessons, historical and cultural visits around Puerto, Cádiz, and Seville, flamenco classes, and Spanish cuisine. The students learnt to cook paella and enjoyed a Spanish cinema night complete with popcorn. They visited the local beach, where they astounded the locals by swimming in the sea despite the low temperatures! The group was accompanied throughout by José, their Spark teacher and guide, who encouraged the pupils to practise their Spanish every step of the way. He was great company and knew all the best ice-cream parlours; the students were sad to say goodbye!

The pupils threw themselves into all the activities with great enthusiasm and came home speaking with improved confidence and fluency. Their teachers were really impressed with the progress they made in such a short time, as well as their positive attitude throughout the trip.

Ms Gillham would like to thank everyone involved for making the trip such a great success.

Norwich School Cadiz Trip


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