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Liechtenstein Exchange 2017

18 April 2017

Three Lower 6 pupils enjoyed a busy time in Liechtenstein on exchange with our partner school in Vaduz. They spent two days at school and spent the majority of the remaining time with the host families as well as having various excursion days exploring Liechtenstein, the state of Vorarlberg in Austria and Nearby Switzerland. We also fitted in an afternoon in Bavaria leading to all the German speaking countries being ticked off in one stay. Highlights of the stay included visits to Läderach in Bilten where we saw artisan chocolate being made as well as visiting the Prince's Modern Art collection and the Liechtenstein Parliament where we found out a little more about how democracy works Liechtenstein style. It is a country with only 25 MPs and it the last absolute monarchy in Europe.

Exchanges particularly illustrate the maxim that you get back what you put in. It was pleasing to see that everyone felt more comfortable with their German during the stay and that our pupils were flexible enough to cope with new situations and ways of doing things. Traveling with the group was a pleasure and the families enjoyed hosting our linguists.

With this trip, the Liechtenstein exchange continues into its third decade and Norwich School continues to cement its very positive profile and reputation in Liechtenstein.

Norwich School Liechtenstein Exchange

Norwich School Liechtenstein Exchange Trip

Norwich School Liechtenstein Exchange

Norwich School Liechtenstein Easter 2017


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