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Magdalen House is named after one of our ancient city gates. It was an impressive gate made of flint, brick and mortar, built as part of the city walls to control trade and defend the town.

Magdalen House think that it is important to work as a team and lead by example, always giving of our best and supporting each other. We view friendship and good sportsmanship as being central to our philosophy, as shown by the symbol of ‘shaking hands’ on our shield.  We pride ourselves on being dignified in both success and defeat.

Magdalen house often see success and are the longstanding Cross Country Competition champions. This year, we came joint second in House Music and nearly all of our house are now wearing a star badge which indicates that these pupils have earned twenty stars or more! Magdalen have enjoyed a number of assemblies together and would like to thank our Form 3 House Captains for all of their superb leadership this year, especially on House Challenge Day.


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