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Conisford House is proud to be named after the city’s Conisford Gate: by the ‘King’s ford’ over the river, it was built as the royal entrance to Norwich, strong and sturdy, impressive and assured, yet unobtrusive in its everyday role in serving the hard-working industrial heart of the city. These are all traits that members of Conisford House take on and share. We are confident in our talents and abilities, strong and inspiring, bold and self-assured, yet modest, hard-working and supportive of each other. Our motto, “Never give up on the way to victory,” reveals our drive and commitment to success – as a House, but also through individual effort; not always winning, but striving to do our best. This year, we were runners-up in the House Music Festival, singing Yesterday/Help by the Beetles most energetically and to wide acclaim. We were a close second too in the House stars, sometimes leading the weeks’ totals. Our sporting excellence and strengths in all disciplines showed through impressive individual and team performances through the year, and members also demonstrated their diversity of musical and acting talents on stage and in concert. All in all a year of fine endeavour by all Conisfordians.


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