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Extra-curricular activity

The Lower School offers a comprehensive extra-curricular programme of activities and events. All pupils are expected to be involved in some aspect of this provision. Pupils thoroughly enjoy the many different clubs on offer and show great commitment to the music groups, choir, drama productions, sports teams and numerous other activities.

Current and recent activities in the Lower School include:

Sports Clubs, Speed Stacking, Badminton, Natural History Club, Tennis, Ceramics, Fencing, Languages, Orienteering, 8th Norwich Cubs and Scouts, Baseball, Maths, Cricket Nets, Craft, Football, Warhammer, Golf, Desktop Publishing, Lego, Hockey Hard hitters, Tae-Kwon Do, Scratch, Cartoon Strip, Origami, Music Groups, Cycling Awareness, Choir, Computing, Juggling, Senior Strings, Chess, Junior Strings, Hot Air, Swing Band, Recorders and Guitar Circle.

There are Sports Teams in:

Rugby, Netball, Hockey, Rounders, Cross-Country, Athletics, Swimming and Tennis.

There is an annual Lower School musical. Recent productions include:

Treasure Island, Murder at the Crumhorn Hotel and Bugsy Malone


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