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A curriculum for life

At Norwich Lower School there is little division between the value we place on the ‘curricular’ and the ‘extra-curricular’. We aim to offer the widest possible range of experiences and opportunities to our young people, believing strongly that the resulting  growth in ‘character’ will be the greatest gift to stay with our pupils long after they have left us. Through our hugely diverse range of subject areas, we aim for our pupils to absorb a rich and sophisticated bedrock of knowledge and understanding about the world, which they will be able to draw upon, build on and articulate throughout their further studies and beyond. However we also have three key focuses in our desire to create independent life-long learners, with high academic standards:

Firstly we intend for all pupils to be fully aware of and engaged in the process of their own learning. All the teaching in the world is of little use unless there is learning, and that is a process engaged in by a learner, not a teacher.

Secondly, we aim for the rigorous absorption of basic skills, so that they cease to be things which need thinking about. The more that any skill can become unconscious and habitual, then the more our minds can be free to deal with the novel and the new.

Thirdly, we aim for our pupils to be resolute in their approach to solving problems, and by this we mean any new situation which requires more than just a memorised response.


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