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A world of possibilities

Which would win, a car or a cat?

Some of you are probably thinking “Silly question…”, or “I couldn’t possibly answer that without being given the context…!” Some of you, however, are also possibly thinking “Well, it depends…” and you’re starting to imagine different scenarios, realising the almost endless possibilities.

The junior years can be a remarkably exciting time in our lives. A belief in infinite possibilities still lurks at the back of a child’s mind, whilst their powers of analysis and comprehension are nevertheless starting to operate with adult sophistication. This should be a time of tremendous wonder, openness and discovery.

In public exams such as GCSE and A Level, Norwich School achieves some of the finest results in the country. At the Lower School, the pressures of these public exams are still blessedly distant, and without the ‘hoop jumping’ required by SATs and 11+ entrance exams, we can be truly independent and strive to fill our children’s junior years with a rich and varied diet of discovery and development.

Our children realise that there is the world of the “correct answer”, of the need to take responsibility and to fulfil expectations. They also find, however, that the world of the ‘true’ is much bigger than the world of the ‘correct’ and that, along with the world of the possible, it remains uncharted territory.


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