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Friends Second-hand Uniform Shop

Volunteer Friends run a second-hand uniform shop for the Friends of Norwich School. The income generated by the sale of second-hand uniform supports a variety of projects for pupils within the School and is a very useful service for parents and pupils alike.

New Location

Due to development of the Blake Studio and relocation of Print and Design, the Friend’s Clothing Shop has moved to a smaller location next to the Music School in The Close. The new Shop is adjacent to the music practice chalets, to the right of 71a Reception, behind the stone wall. Signage will be apparent during opening times. The dates are published in the School Term Diary and are listed below.

Unless otherwise stated the shop is open from 4pm – 4.45pm. We accept either cash or cheque for payment. We have a small changing room so pupils are welcome to come along and try items with or without parents/guardians.

Friends Uniform Shop Dates:

Trinity Term 2017

Wednesday 19 April4pm - 4.45pm
Monday 24 April4pm - 4.45pm
Wednesday 3 May4pm - 4.45pm
Monday 8 May4pm - 4.45pm
Wednesday 17 May4pm - 4.45pm
Saturday 27 May (Half Term Sale)10am - 12pm
Wednesday 7 June4pm - 4.45pm
Monday 12 June4pm - 4.45pm
Wednesday 21 June4pm - 4.45pm
Monday 26 June4pm - 4.45pm
Saturday 8 July10am - 12pm
Saturday 15 July (Half Term Sale)10am - 12pm
Saturday 2 September (beginning of new school term sale)10am-12pm

We are also happy to accept donated items when the shop is open.

The temporary location is very limited for space and therefore only the 'best-selling' items can be accommodated. As a consequence, we are only able to accept the following current style uniform items purchased from Schoolblazer that are in good condition:

·         Blazers

·         Skirts

·         Jumpers

·         Summer Dresses

·         6th Form Suit Jackets / Skirts

·         All Current Style Sportswear incl. Track Suits etc / Sports Bags

·         Ties

·         Overcoats

·         House T Shirts

All donations should be accompanied by a completed Second Hand Uniform Shop donation label, which can be found here. Please discretely safety-pin a completed donation label to each item. We are happy to accept items for sale when the shop is open.

Currently the shop sells each item for approximately half the “new” price – of that 50% is retained by the Friends of Norwich School and the balance sent to the donor by cheque at the end of each term. There is an option to donate proceeds in full to the Friends of Norwich School for which only the description of the item section on the label needs to be completed.

The Friends of Norwich School are always keen to welcome new members and volunteers to help with the Friends Shop, or to participate in, organise or support their many other ventures for the benefit of the School, so if you are interested, please email developmentoffice@norwich-school.org.uk in the first instance.

NB - Cubs / Scout Uniform may be donated in full back to the 8th Norwich Troop - please arrange to take items along to a meeting.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Jill Thompson (jat158@gmail.com) or Julie Price (pjjp3@waitrose.com) – we will be happy to help you.


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