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Norwich School sets aside generous funds to enable pupils to attend the school who would otherwise not be able to do so without financial help.

All bursaries are means-tested and can result in a reduction in fees of up to 100%; there is a sliding scale based on family income and finances and resources of the school.

It is unlikely that a bursary will be awarded when household income is greater than 4½ times one annual Senior School tuition fee and their net assets are more than 20 times one annual Senior School tuition fee.

Applications for bursarial assistance may be made by current parents at any time. Prospective parents should indicate their interest on the school application form and then complete and return the Application for Financial Assistance form by the date given.

The school funds bursaries from many sources which include its own savings as well as contributions from the Worshipful Company of Dyers, the ONs, the Friends of Norwich School and other Charitable Trusts.


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