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Public Examination Results

2016 Success Rates:

A-level: A*: 24%; A*- A: 62%; A*- B: 85.6%

GCSE: A*: 45%; A*- A: 72.3%

Below is an extract from the Head Master’s speech at a previous Open Morning:

“For me examination results do matter, not because of league tables, but because the figures represent real grades for individual pupils, often encapsulating a success story which willenable that pupil to get to his or her chosen university course and venue. Throughout your time with us, we want you and ourselves to keep an eye on where you are heading when you leave us, not just where you will be when you are 18 but where you will be when you are 25. And this focus prevents us from falling into the trap of simply teaching to the test. We seek to go beyond the syllabus in training all our pupils to think independently, to be reflective and analytical in their responses. We also have our own extension programme toencourage such a thoughtful approach, which we call Meno, and it is followed by every pupil from years 7-11, while in the 6th Form, we have introduced an independent studyprogramme so that all pupils have the chance to develop the research and presentation skills they will need when they leave us. The good results enjoyed by the school in recent years therefore come as a welcome by-product of such an intellectually rigorous approach rather than instead of it."



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